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Customer from Malaysia

        Allan Tan is our old friend since 2011,he is from Penang Malaysia and visit china 4
times annually but after MH370 crashed he didn't visit China since this time,60% of people
are overseas chinese in penang,Allan runing a electronic company with selling LED pixel,
sign material,LED screen or even a small tong etc...they dont have many electronic store
or supermarkets like here, lots of small accessory are necessary to local buyer.
       This experience was very helpful for our sales team to understand buyer and knew
how important to offer related parts but not only LED pixels
       Our GM also visited his company on March 2015, photo shows below.
       His purpose was to come to get some idea for Carlsberg Sign ,it's a world famous beer.
       You can find it in any restaurant,Carlsberg company provide free LED sign for who
selling their beer in Penang , So,we planing to make some special Green pixel LED for it.