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Barbecue--Fly mood and get infinite joy


        In order to enrich staff's life and active company's culture, in the day outside of  work ,our company
had a barbecue in the foot of FengHuang mountain Forest  Park , Shenzhen.

        Everyone had a clear division of labor, washed vegetables, made fire, stringed  prepared food.
Teamwork made us busy but still happy! When vigorous burning  charcoal, barbecue officially kicked off.
Show you different barbecue methods and  techniques, along with laughter plume of smoke lingering in
the air. We ate our  own hands baked variety of food,made all kinds of interesting chatting and  shared our
experience in the life, we aslo played an interested game"I guess  what you are gesticulating",so enjoyable!
The activity continued till 15:00 pm, the  whole event is in a very friendly atmosphere!