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. What is the warranty on your products?

All single color (static) products 2 year warranty
All RGB color products 1 year warranty
Both periods of time start on the shipping date
Power supplies and SD cards are easily damaged  through short circuits and the analysis of this type of damage is difficult. Therefore, no warranty is offered on these products.
We do not provide warranty for all controllers, power supplies and accessories

. Can I receive a free replacement if my item is defective during the warranty period?

Yes,  you can and we will be sure to provide replacements.

A. Pixel LEDS are typically made 20--50 pcs per strand ,when 1 pc is broken we can not re-make 50pcs for free . We will provide 2 new pcs for your replacement.
B. Flexible strips are typically 5m in a reel , when one or serveral portions are damaged in any area, we will provide 1 new meter for replacement. If the whole 5m strip has a  quality problem ,we will gladly provide a new reel.
C. If there are electrical problems on the LED rigid bars which cause Ics to burn we will provide a new replacement.
E. SD controllers have a 1 year warranty . If there are any issues with the controllers we require you to ship old ones back to us, in order to receive a replacement.

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