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Shipping Options

iPixel mainly uses three shippers: DHL, UPS & Fedex. We have our own official DHL and Fedex accounts which offer 2--5days ON TIME delivery

We also work with local logistics companies who are agents of DHL, UPS & Fedex. Working thru logisics companies provides you with better rates than working directly with DHL, UPS & Fedex.

However, please beware that with cheaper rates delivery service will be delayed 1 or more days, depending on the cost of the service provided.

EMS or Post mail have strict limits on weight so these services are not viable options for shipping.

Tracking number

If you/we ship directly thru an official carrier, we can obtain your tracking number immediately

If you/we ship thru a local logistics company the tracking number will be available the following day, after the package arrives in HK or another city in China

When using local logistics company please be aware that your packages must first arrive in Hong Kong in order to fly out of China.

Tracking numbers are not available until the packages have arrived in Hong Kong

Freight charges

There are  two methods to calculate freight charges: Real weight & Dimensional Weight
Carriers will charge whatever weight is heavier.
For example: Box Dimension : 46*26*46mm, Dimenional weight is :11 KG
If the real weight is 15kg ,the charged weight will be 15kg
If the real weight is 10 kg (any weight under 11kg ) the charged weight will be 11kg

Ocean Shipping

Ocean shipping service is also available as we have cooperated with several logistics companies in Shenzhen
We can also forward your packages to your designated shipper in Shenzhen but please speak to your salesman about this issue.
You may be required to pay document fees / warehousing costs

Term of contract

EXW & FOB available ,we do not accept LC or CIF term
Buyer in charge of any VAT, duty tax which required by the Custom in your country
We also don't know the rate of VAT or Duty ,please refer these questions to your local customs agent
When in doubt about choosing a shipping method, we suggest you speak with our salesman ,they will help you select the most efficient method


E-mail to inquiry@ipixelleds.com to  arrange a return . We only accept returns on products that have become defective due to poor shipping conditions,
or those products that may be defective or wrong due to our error.
We do not accept returns if you purchased the wrong items or you don't want it anymore or any other reason!
Please understand that before shipping your goods we must pay for all customs clearances with the Chinese government.
If the goods are returned we must remit payment again to bring the product back into China.

As this is an international transaction, it is critical you triple check your order. There will be lots of time, labor and fees associated with any returns.
Our staff is available to help you with any issues and we will do our best to help you receive your products in a timely manner.

When the package has arrived in your customs, the carrier will provide you in order to obtain documents necessary to do a customs clearance.
If you  can not finish this step, the package will stay in customs for a maxium of 7 days. Afterwards, your carrier will contact us to do a return.
In this case we usually ask carriers to discard the package rather than shipping in back because the fees associated with a return to China are very high.
In these situations we cannot use a refund. As the buyer you must provide documents necessary to do a local customs clearance.

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