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Specification/ Datasheet

these are the most frequency IC chip datasheet in PDF format
it could be download free
lots of Addressable user searching for Arduino library or Raspberry pi
unfortunately we don't have experience on this point
but we do have another page included the free effect LED animation
and controller manual , feel free contact us if you couldn't find the  right specification
we might be in your help !


WS2801 / WS2811 / WS2812B / WS2812S / WS2813 / WS2821 / WS2851

SK6812 / SK6812 SIDE / SK6812 MINI 3535 / SK6812RGBW / SK6812WWA /

SK6805-2427 / SK9822 / SK6822

APA102-2020 / APA-102-2C / APA-104-4RGB / LPD6803 / LPD8803-8806 /

SM16716 / TM1803 / TM1914A / UCS1903 / UCS29035050RGBW 

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