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Program Download

Program Download

This is the free testing program file which works with LEDedit software and T series Controller after decompression the zip file, copy the .led file into SD card before copy it , please Format the SD card in FAT type (delete everything)                     ————  Click It To Download

Software Download

LED edit software support T-1000s,T-4000A,T-4000G,T-8000A,T8000G,T200K,T-300K

LED lighting control/LEDeasy ,support YM-LM501,YM-RX801,YM-MVE311,YM-ST4P/8P

Both software are free ,please download from below link.

NeonPlay software is a Tol file edit ,animation design ,(NOT FOR PROGRAMING), user must buy a Dongle Key from us then you can runing the software on PC .

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