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12mm Round LED Pixel Light


1. Outdoor digital sign letters, 

2. digital panel ,

3. Dance Floor ,

4. Christmas Tree lighting etc.

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12mm Round LED Pixel Light

Product Parameter:

P/N VCC Chip     Pitch     Quantity/Chain IP Punching Hole size Waterproof
P12RV5 DC 5V UCS1903 /WS2811 8cm 50pcs IP67 12--12.5mm IP67

Features :

1.This addressable round LED pixelhave 50pcs in a string,
2.8cm 20AWG wire length between each LED,wire size:20A G,
3.It used a silicon case make waterproof by inject A/B Epoxy,
4.12mm diameter 35mm deep  from the top of the LED to the back of the rubber,
5.DC5V power requirement only(do not exceed 6VDC or  short circuit) - no polarity protection,
6.4Pin JST SM connector (non-waterproof) soldered in each end of string,
7.The extra 2 single wire for powering in input side (We also have other chip version:WS2811,LPD6803,SM16716).

      Addressable RGB LEDscan add color to indoor or outdoor displays. this chain of lights is composed of 50 individually sealed 8mm RGB LEDs and drivers. The driver for this chain is the WS-2801 constant current LED driver. The WS2801 is a common, well-supported driver and example code is available for various microcontrollers. The 2-wire control scheme allows you to control the entire chain over only two GPIOs and because data cascades across the drivers.


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