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12mm Square LED Pixel Light


1. Outdoor digital sign letters, 

2. digital panel ,

3. Dance Floor ,

4. Christmas Tree lighting etc.

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12mm Square LED Pixel Light

Product Parameter:

P/N VCC LED Qty Diameter
View angle
Power LED Chip
Lumen per
P12SV5 DC5V 50/chain 12mm 120
15W/chain 5050RGB WS2801 R35/G160/B27 lm

Features :

1.This square (flat) pixel made by F8 DIP RGB LED and,

2.The drive by WS2801 chip cable length between each,
3.Pixel 8mm and stardard quantity its 50 pcs per chain,
4.It's Cut-able of each LED ,the Arrow on button of LED,
5.Directing the signal's input IP67 epoxy waterproof,
6.Control by:SD controller ,DMX decoder.


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