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26mm LED Pixel Light (transparent cover/milky cover)


1. Hotels, restaurants, night clubs,

2. Coffee / wine bars, shopping malls,

3. Shops, cinemas, beauty centers, 

4. office fronts, kitchens or living rooms, etc.

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26mm LED Pixel Light (transparent cover/milky cover)

Product Parameter:
P/N Diameter
VCC Power LED Chip IP View angle Cover color
P26V12 26mm
DC12V 0.72W 5050RGB UCS1903
IP20 / 65 >140 transparent / milky

Features :
1.26mm RGB pixel LED light Programmable,
2.RGB Pixels are digitally-controllable lights you can set to any color, or animate,
3.Each RGB LED and controller chip is molded into a 'dot' of silicone,
4.The dots are typically used to make outdoor signs. Compared to our other  LED dots,
5.The pixels are connected by a 3-conductor cable. Blue is +12V, Yellow is Ground, -Green is Data,

6.Every 20pcs included 1pcs pixel soldered extra red & yellow wire ,
7.It's for powering as the voltage droping,
8.each pixel comes with a plastic screw,
9.we have two type of lens: clear and diffused,
10.You need to punching a 27--29mm hole for install this LED,

11.We also have two version connectors of this pixel LED the JST-SM connectors on back side is non-waterproof,

12.Another version  is 3-Pin waterproof regular connectors.


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