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1. Full color pixel light,pixel tube.
2. LED pixel light,led pixel module.
3. Pixel LED strip,led light bar.

4.Outdoor Lighting Engineering.

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Supported chips:

Support Chips

LedEdit software that models

Single load number of lamp



T-1000-6803 2048 pixels  
LPD8806, LPD8809 T-1000-8806 2048 pixels  



T-1000-TM 2048 pixels

TM1804 and TM1809 of high

Standard DMX,HX512 T-1000-DMX 170/512 Pixel

Compatible with standard
DMX512 Protocol

WS2801,WS2803, WS2811 T-1000-WS 2048 pixels  


T-1000-TLS 2048 pixels  
P9813 T-1000-P9813 2048 pixels  
SM16715 T-1000-SM16715 2048 pixels  
SM16716 T-1000-SM16716 2048 pixels  
BS0815,BS0825,BS0901 T-1000-0815 2048 pixels  

The characteristics of K-4000CK system

1. Level 32-65536 gray level control, software Gamma correction processing.
2. Supporting all kinds of point, line and surface light sources, supporting all kinds of rules and special-shaped processing.
3. The controller has 8 ports and each port can carry 1024 lights.
4. Play content is stored in SD card, which can store up to 32 effect files. SD card capacity supports 128MB-32GB.
5. The controller can be used in cascade. The cascade adopts photoelectric isolation mode: anti-interference and better stability. The cascade distance between the two controllers can reach 150 meters. It needs 0.5 square copper power supply lines.
6. Controller on-board chip can lock the on-board IC in software or not in software. It is more flexible and convenient to select the on-board IC by adjusting the chip keys of the controller.
7. The controller has 22 kinds of test results.

K-4000CK single-control structures:
1. SD card offline play.
2. 4-port data output.
3. five hundred and twelve-one thousand twenty fourths pixels per port.
Last: T-8000A
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