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2. LED pixel light,led pixel module.
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T-8000A system features
1. 32-256 level grayscale controls, Gamma correction software. LedEdit .
2. Combined with video editing and broadcasting software, you can control the rules, special-shaped variety, such as point, line and surface light source.
3. Each controller 8 ports, each port five hundred and twelve-one thousand twenty fourths lamps.
4. Play content stored in the SD card, you can play single and multiple cascading.
Note: T-8000C port carrying 512 light, speed of up to 30 frames per second, the port when the load exceeds 512 lamp, increase in frame rate with the number of lights is automatically reduced.
5. When multiple cascading, only the first controller of press work, behind the control keys are automatically shield, can be played by the first controller files at this time and playback speed. adjustment. Note: at this time the first controller of press control control.
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