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LED Controller
DMX Slave Controller


1. Point Light Bar LED digital tube lights 
2. LED digital tube, light source, bar lights, 
3. Pixel screen, display, and other fixtures. 
The controller chip types supported:
MBI5026/6020 ,DMX512 D705,

LPD6803/LPD8806,WS2801,SD600 ,

P2571 TM1803/1804/1809.

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System Features:
For a variety of occasions to control the display, such as advertising, decoration, contour, etc.; can control multiple LED
1, perfectly compatible with DMX512 (1990) international standard protocol;
2, the control functions: it can control a variety of driver chips lamps, as well as a variety of customized driver chip;
3, support the same controller point source and line source mix (online case);
4, the control system realize RGB 256 gray scale of one to achieve more than 16,770,000 kinds of colors;
5, the project configuration flexibility: You can adjust the brightness to achieve independence and speed;
6, each extension can output four ports, each port can control maximum 512 pixels;
7, with automatic fault recovery system;
8, personalized software design: the system can be flexibly configured lighting engineering, lighting can be used in many ways to generate data, update data fast, Shi
9, high-speed optical isolation signal inputs and outputs, anti-static, lightning, ensure the security of the entire control system; Labor flexibility.
10, in line with EMC electromagnetic compatibility, with good anti-jamming capability. Products and other lighting products, such as digital tube, lattice lights, high power lights. The controller adds protection, To the stability, adaptability further enhanced.
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