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2.4G 4-zone RGBW Led Controller


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2. RF control.
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        With the technology of the 2.4G high frequency wireless remote control,it has the characteristics of low power consumption,long distance transmission,and strong anti-interference ability, high speed telecommunications,etc.The remote looks fashionable and elegant,with simple and practical functions of color changing and brightness dimming,the capacitive touch screen design makesthe remote easy to use.

4-ZONE (2).jpg

4-ZONE (3).jpg

Programs 1(RGBW Fade Out):This program fades in and fades out the color red,green,blue and white one after anther.
Programs 2 (Color Flash):In this program,red,green,blue,white ,yellow purple flashes to change.
Programs 3 (Disco):Different colors strobe and flash to change.
Programs 4 (Red Color Ramp up and flash):In this program,red color brightens from 0%-100% and shuts down,then flashes three times.
Programs 5 (Green Color Ramp up and Flash):In this program,green color brightens from 0%-100% and shuts down,then flashes three times.
Programs 6(Blue Color Ramp up and Flash):In this program,blue color brightens from 0%-100% and shuts down,then flashes three times.
Programs 7(Color Change+Flash):Here several colors fade into each other and then flash randomly
Programs 8(Fade in and Fade out):Here different colors fade into each other.
Programs 9(Strobe White):Just white color flashes up.

TO dim all RGBW lights at once or change the color ,first press ‘Master ON’.To do this with individual lights,first press‘Zone ON’.Secondly,choose the color or brightness according to the color ring or brightness ring.
For RGB led strip light,the white is mixed from Red,Green and Blue,so the white is not pure.
For RGBW led strip light,the white is pure white.
Linking new lights to the remote controls:

1.Choose which zone you want to assign the light(1 to 4).
2.Switch off the main power supply of the light in the select zone with the main switch or pull the plug.
3.Now switch on the light again and within 3 seconds shortly press one of the ‘Zone ON’ buttons
one time on the remote control.
4.When this link operation is successful,the light slowly blinks 3 times on and off.

Grouping of several lights:

You can add endless number of lights to a zone on the 4 channel remote by linking the lights to different zones.This way you are completely flexible in creating different group combinations. below you can see some grouping examples.

4-ZONE (1).jpg

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