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Product Specifications:
1. Dimensions 115 * 77 * 34mm output data signal RS485.
2. Weight 200g storage interface SD card.
3. Exterior color gray 256 gray levels for each RGB.
4. Power Supply DC 5-24V Operating temperature -20 ~ 65 ℃.
5. The maximum power consumption of 5W Ambient temperature -20 ~ 65 ℃.
6. Output control port 1 port supporting software LED control software.

7. Maximum control pixels by 512 pixels controlled IC: DMX512.

Output port connection: ( Figure )

Coded connection

Line -GND
Tier -D +
Three lines -D-
Four lines -PI
Five lines -NC


1.To reduce the risk of electric shock, fire or personal injury , read and follow the warnings and precautions in order to prevent the occurrence of such events.

2. Do not install this controller in a magnetic and high-pressure environment.
3. To reduce the component due to a short circuit caused the fire and the risk of damage , make sure the line is connected securely connected .
4. Make sure the controller altogether good ventilation and proper temperature environment.
5. Controller distance between the lamp within 10 m spacing lamps and lighting fixtures , please consult the manufacturer over the pitch range , you can add a signal amplifier.
6. Make sure the power supply voltage DC5-24V.
7. Do not plug the power cable in the open , be sure to turn on the power connection is secure and properly before the power .
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