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Product Parameter:

P/N LED Qty/pcs Size(mm)
VCC Power IC Product Matrial IP
P-DMX-5025A 5050 RGB 72leds L500*W250
DC24V 17W/pcs DMX512
Rigid FR4 IP20

1. This is DMX signal led panel light.
2. It with 500x250mm, you can combine 2pcs together for a 500x500mm led module
3. It's a very goods choice for dance floor,  each panel with 1pcs DMX512 IC chip & 12x6pcs(72LEDs) 5050 LED chip
4. You can select it with IP20 non-waterproof or waterproof version, like PV glue
5. You can use DMX controller, like Artnet controller, Madrix software to control them directly
6. This panel with DC24V, you can give power per 8-10pcs.
7. Use 5pin female and male connector, DC24V+, GND-, DAT+, DAT-, PI (PI: it's write address code)



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