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Customize length of LED Bar
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                 Customize length of LED Bar

this aluminum extrusion digital bar has the perfect color performance without any light spot

some of people like to use it for background or ceiling decoration in Stage or Stand show

the stand length is 1meter but this time , we made it as 2 meter long for a special job

this Hole in M4 size ,we drilled it for customer ,it should be a mounting hole 

colorful tube is the DMX version 48/96 DMX channel based on 1 ,2 meters 
we also have the addressable version with 60pcs SMD SK6812 RGB per meter

just watch about the shipping cost from Express as it's too long 

and it could be packed by a wood carton for protection

you might think a milky white shell and silver aluminum profile not acceptable on Stage ?
this is the black color High Temperature Lacquer we manufactured 
do not worry the black cover will prevent the color 

you may also prefer DC24V or 12V to reduce the Power injection if it's a DC5V addressable bar

then we changed the design and add lots of component on the board

it's like a DC converter / Depressurization module 

but we found it's too hot as the bar reach to 72W per meter
so it's just a demo for testing so far , we don't sell it 

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