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Single Color LED Strip
435nm Ultraviolet Rays (UV) LED strip


1. Night Club
2. KTV singing club
3. Dance floor
4. TV Show Back gound
5. Stage,Disco Club
6. Outdoor building,fridge

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                    435nm Ultraviolet Rays (UV) LED strip

Product Parameter:

      Product Number
      LED Chip
SMD 5050
      Beam Angle
140 deg
      LED Quantity
      Operating Voltage
      Power (W)
      Emitting Color 
      IP  Level
IP 20
      Size (mm)
L 5000* W 10 mm
      Net Weight 
IP20: about 0.24kg/roll (Volume weight)
      Operation Temperature

Features :
Ultraviolet Rays Walvelength usually between 10--450nm
UV-V : 390-450nm
UV-C :200-280nm short wavelength
UV-B:280-315nm middle wavelength
UV-A:315-400nm long wavelength
Ultraviolet light has many applicatation especially in UV-A type which widely used
in food, electronics, semiconductors, crystal vibrators, chemicals, medicine, health care, agriculture ...
And so on a wide range of industry. UV light source irradiation of food, materials and other surfaces,
with fast and efficient, pollution-free sterilization effect
this UV LED strip mounted in a DC12V FPC, 60 LEDs per meter and it's cut-able per 3 LED
300MP tape on backside of the FPC, it's comes 5meter in a reel
we also could provide 5V /24V version and customized length of strip
DO NOT direct view and flood to Skin for a long time


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