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1. Amplifier for SD controller which

 support SPI TTL signal

2. Outdoor Lighting Engineering.

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SPI Amplifier:

TTL Optical Isolation
1. Isolation performance, electrical isolation of inputs and outputs completely realized.
2. Signal is transmitted, the output signal on the input side without feedback,it could effectively stop lamp circuit, lamp power supply ripple on the controller port of the disturbance, but it does not cut off their signal transmission between.
3. Optical signal is not affected by electromagnetic interference, stable and reliable.
4. Common-mode interference resistance ability, can effectively suppress interference.
5. Optocoupler fast response, high transmission efficiency.

TTL-SPI Amplifier:

Hardware parameter

1. Supply voltage: DC12-24V (RT open circuit)/DC5V (RT short circuit).
2. Transmission distance: controller to the received TTL optical isolation distances of up to 200 m.
3. Signal input: IGND (ground input terminal) IDAT (signal input) ICLK (clock input).
4. Signal output: GND (ground output terminal) DAT (data signal output terminal) CLK (clock signal output).


A. controller to the TTL signal output port to TTL photoelectric panels, a distance of 200 metres, if distance is more than 200 meters, please test.

B. TTL opto-isolated sink must be connected to the light side (close to the RGB LED pixel light input side), distance no more than 5 meters.
C. RT when open, TTL photovoltaic panels to power 12-24V, RT short-circuit, 5V power supply.(usually,when you order our 12V amusement LED pixel along with the Amplifier,we'll make it 12V, and when you get the WS2812b addressable strip LED, we produce this amplifier as DC5V, then pls dont try to burn it by 12V).

D. Prohibition of live-line operation, prior to installation, please switch off the power supply. Please be waterproof, moisture-proof.

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